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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a large number of incidents that can result in serious motorcycle accidents.  The highest percentage of accidents are caused by a driver of a vehicle that fails to see that there is a motorcycle rider near them, either ahead, behind or in a lane on either side.  They may not observe the rider in their mirror and don’t check thoroughly enough, and cause a serious or deadly injury to the motorcycle rider.  When you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, it is crucial that you contact a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer through the Colorado Bikers Association to protect your rights.

Some of the common types of accidents that involve motorcycles include the following:

Unsafe lane changes :  When the driver of a vehicle is inattentive, they can decide to change lanes without looking or even signaling.  They may think that there are no other vehicles near them and just swing over.  This has been the cause of countless serious motorcycle accidents in Denver and throughout the U.S.

Running red lights or stop signs :  Some individuals like to take advantage of an open intersection and run a red light or stop sign.  Sadly, motorcycle riders have been the victim of this reckless driving in many cases, and have had serious and life-changing injuries as a result. 

Left and right turn collisions :  The most common underlying cause for this type of accident is also the lack of observation by the driver of the vehicle.  They just do not see the motorcycle rider and cut them off, and are often unable to stop soon enough to avoid the impact.  These are very dangerous to the motorcycle rider and the injuries can be very serious or even fatal.

Rear-end accidents :  Sport bikes have smaller taillights and the at-fault drivers have frequently claimed that they just didn’t see the motorcycle at all, and rear-end them, sending the rider flying and causing deadly injuries, often head, neck and spinal cord injuries.

Speeding drivers :  Driving above the speed limit dangerously is a common occurrence.  Some drivers think it is fun to drive at an unsafe rate, weaving in and out of traffic.  These drivers are a danger to everyone on the road, but particularly motorcycle riders, as the speeder usually doesn’t have the control at top speeds to avoid an impact with the rider.

Drunk Drivers :  Drunk drivers are the cause of many accidents on the streets and highways in the Denver area.  All drivers are at risk when there is an intoxicated driver in the area.  Their reflexes and judgment are poor, and they often do strange and unexpected driving maneuvers that can result in serious motorcycle accidents.

Broadside collisions :  These often take place in intersections when the driver of the vehicle runs a red light or stop sign, or turns a corner to quickly and without careful observation of the environment.  A broadside collision can be extremely dangerous to the motorcycle rider.

Out of control cars or other vehicles :  Some drivers are out of control due to speeding, inexperienced driving or drunk driving, but in other cases it could be caused by a failed safety system in the out of control vehicle.  Whatever is the basis for the lack of control of their vehicles, these out of control drivers are frequently the cause of serious motorcycle accidents.

If you have been injured in any type of motorcycle-car accident, motorcycle-truck accidentmotorcycle vs. motorcycle accident or single-vehicle accident, work with us to find a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney who will competently handle your case.

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