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Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Denver?

Being injured in a motorcycle accident may be a life-changing event. It may lead to dramatic physical injuries and may cause emotional trauma as well as financial problems caused by mounting medical costs coupled with lost income from missed work. Motorcycle riding is growing in popularity in the Denver area, and more and more individuals are using motorcycles between home and work to save on gas or navigate through busy traffic more easily.  This also results in a higher number of motorcycle accidents in the area.  Many drivers fail to see the rider on the road and create dangerous accidents by pulling into them during lane changes, turns or in some cases rear ending the bike.  The motorcycle rider can suffer extremely serious injuries in these accidents, or in some cases, the accident is fatal.  As the motorcycle rider is virtually unprotected, the injuries can be devastating physically, and some victims have months, years or a lifetime of medical care after the accident. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, contact a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer through the Colorado Bikers Association.  The personal injury lawyer experienced in motorcycle accident cases will be prepared to fight for maximum compensation for clients and may be able to assist you in seeking the monetary damages that will make a difference as you rebuild your life and move on.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Denver

Any of numerous causes may lead to a motorcycle collision. The majority of these accidents are caused by some form of negligence, whether this is on the part of the driver of a car or truck or the motorcyclist. Driving while distracted is a primary type of negligence, or a failure to act with proper caution or care. For example, a motorist may be talking to a passenger, may be adjusting the radio or may be sending a text message and may therefore not have his or her full attention on the road. This places motorcycle riders in particular at risk of injury. Most accidents that involve motorcycles are caused by inattentive drivers who fail to see that there is a rider in the area.  Sadly, the unprotected rider often is thrown through the air and lands on their head, back or side.  They often “skid” down the road a distance upon impact.  These events cause incredibly dangerous and life-threatening injuries.  The legal aspects of the case now will come into play.  It is absolutely critical that the injured victim gets fair compensation for these injuries.  When dealing directly with an insurance company, it has been shown time after time that the settlements received are much lower than if you are assisted by a skilled motorcycle accident attorney, even after attorney fees are paid. 

Through the our firm, the Denver motorcycle accident lawyer representing you is experienced in handling these serious injury cases and will relentlessly fight for a fair settlement, judgment or verdict for the client.  There are many scientific aspects to motorcycle accidents, determining how the accident came to pass often requires expert testimony.  The personal injury lawyer for your case will have the back up and resources necessary to fight for you and your family. 

Contact a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer through our firm for experienced legal representation in your case.

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